Room Laundering
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Room Laundering

Room Laundering

ルームロンダリング (2018)

Genres: Suspense, Drama, Supernatural
Actors: Katagiri Kenji, Ikeda Elaiza, Ito Kentaro, Odagiri Joe, Shibukawa Kiyohiko, Yamoto Yuma, Okuno Eita, Ikoma Rina, Uno Shohei, Taguchi Tomorowo
Directors: Katagiri Kenji
Networks: TBS
Also Known As: Rumu Rondaringgu
Duration: 50 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Japanese
Released: 2018
Episode: Ep 4 / 16
Story is set after the movie "Room Laundering."Miko Yakumo (Elaiza Ikeda) continues her work "room laundering." She struggles to solve the worries of ghosts staying in the rooms. Meanwhile, the relationship of Miko Yakumo and Akito Nijikawa (Kentaro Ito) develop romantically.
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Keywords: Rumu Rondaringgu